Paris in the 20th Century page 35

Sorry for the delay.  Your intrepid Paris crew went on a research mission for our next comic!

We are proud to announce that the sequel to Paris in the 20th Century will officially be titled “Ana DuPre and the eye of the Kraken”.   Since it will clearly involve the mythical sea beast, we headed to the Oregon Coast in search of signs of the Kraken. (Little known fact: The Kraken are known to migrate along the Oregon Coast in June and July)  While we did not actually spot a Kraken, we were able to uncover evidence of its existence.

There was a dead bull sea lion on the beach Saturday morning.

When we questioned the Park Ranger about the sea lion, she admitted that it was one of the largest she had ever seen wash up on the beach.  But when we questioned her further about the cause of death, she clammed up quickly and said that they had to bury the body quickly.  they were taking the sea lion to a secluded location down the beach away from prying eyes and burying it at least 8 feet down!

When we asked her directly if she thought this was evidence of a migrating Kraken she clammed up entirely and just walked away.  Clearly there is a cover-up happening here.

Luckily we were not the only ones looking for the Kraken.  These intrepid explorers were taking the high road.

A group of these cryptozoologists were launching themselves off the cliffs overlooking the ocean, looking for tentacles in the water.  They were aloft for over two hours at a time, scouring the seas.  Several of them had video cameras mounted to their helmets so they could go back and review the footage frame by frame.

Clearly, however, Kraken have been roaming these waters for hundreds of years.  We visited the Octopus Tree.  No one is quite sure if this tree was formed by nature or by Native Americans who were looking to bless their canoes.  Either way, it is clear that the resemblance to the Kraken is uncanny!

So, while we never actually saw the Kraken, we gathered plenty of research material for the new book!

But, before we get to that book, there are still several pages of this book to finish!  I cannot get over how fantastic this page turned out.  Keri was looking for ways to show that Ana and Peruggia were heading towards the Eiffel Tower.  I suggested road signs (complete  with arrows) and a mime.  Keri decided to go a different direction with it.  I think her’s was better.

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