Return of the Dapper Men (ahem) Returns With New Printing and Bonus Features

Return of the Dapper Men is the little book that could. It was released with little fanfare and did not exactly light up the charts. But solid word of mouth and glowing reviews has propelled it in to the rarified status of genuine “success”. And now, Archaia Entertainment has announced its plans to publish the Return of the Dapper Men: Special Edition, a brand-new printing of the Eisner Award-winning graphic novel that will contain new extras, stories, and never-before-seen artwork.

Return of the Dapper Men is an enchanting, all-ages, original graphic novel created by writer Jim McCann (Mind the Gap) and illustrator Janet K. Lee (The Wonderland Alphabet) about a faraway land where time has stopped and grown-ups don’t exist—just children who don’t age and machines that have come to life. All that is disrupted when 314 dapper-looking gentlemen rain down on the land, intent on starting time up again and causing a ripple effect that affects everyone’s lives. Featuring a Foreword written by TV personality and fashion consultant Tim Gunn, the graphic novel received critical acclaim for its storytelling and distinct art style—each page by Lee is, in itself, a work of art, an elaborate decoupage glued onto a wooden board and coated with protective varnish. The book earned many accolades and was awarded the ultimate honor when it won the 2011 Eisner Award for Best New Graphic Album. Return of the Dapper Men: Special Edition will feature a new-look cover with the official Eisner Award seal, and will contain the exclusive reprintings of the two Dapper Men short stories that appeared in Archaia’s Free Comic Book Day publications in 2011 and 2012, as well as never-before-seen artwork from Lee. The book will serve as the perfect run-up to the forthcoming sequel, Time of the Dapper Men (2013).

“For the first time, fans can get ALL of the stories from the Dapper universe so far in one volume—not only can they read the original story, they can also enjoy two tales that were only available previously for Free Comic Book Day,” said Lee. “In addition, we’re excited to include never-before-published Dapper artwork and behind-the-scenes concept art. The Return of the Dapper Men: Special Edition is a ‘special’ way to get ready for the next volume, Time of the Dapper Men, which is coming in 2013!”

“When we knew we had to go back to press on Return of the Dapper Men for a third time, we thought, why not make it extra special? New fans will still be able to appreciate the Dapper Men universe, while existing ones can have a new experience with never-before-seen material,” said Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy.

Check out our interview with Jim McCann and Janet Lee from last year’s San Diego Comic Con the day after their Eisner Award was announced.

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