IDW Heads to Lost Angeles

IDW Publishing announced another project in their ongoing partnership with Teenage Mutant Ninja creator Kevin Eastman. Lost Angeles is a science-fiction collaboration between Eastman, Simon Bisley and Joe Pearson.

When all hell breaks loose following a massive comet’s near miss, the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles is irreparably fractured and claimed by legions of brutal gangs. Perpetually turf-thirsty bands of fierce warriors fight day in and day out to claim blood and respect across swaths of scarce land, battered by cosmically twisted disasters. As civilization recedes into uncompromising tribal life, an anomaly surfaces: two rival gang members, Mikal and Angel, find themselves in the throes of a comet-crossed love affair. Threatening to tear their respective clans apart from within, their love becomes the centerpiece to all-out gang war as Lost Angeles reaches its fever-pitched conclusion over six issues.

“I am THRILLED to be back at the creative table with my good friend Simon Bisely, and the very talented Joe Pearson–this is one of the coolest projects I have been involved with in a great many years–and my first solo art project in more than two decades!” explains Kevin “I can wait to show the fans what I’m going to do he–my career as a artist is about to go into high gear!”

From a concept by Eastman and Bisley, a story by Eastman, Bisley, and Joe Pearson, and featuring painted covers by Bisley with pencils and inks by Eastman, LOST ANGELES promises to be a brutal, gorgeous, post-apocalyptic thrill ride the likes of which civilization has yet to see, and may not be able to handle!

Is it just me, or is Simon Bisley everywhere lately? It is good to see these comic icons having so many projects come their way! Looking forward to this one!

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