Indie Comic Review: The Infinite Horizon

The Infinite Horizon by Gerry Duggen and Phil Noto – Image Comics – $17.99

The Infinite Horizon by Gerry Duggen and Phil Noto is loosely based on The Odyssey by Homer. There is a Cyclops and the siren’s call and some other references from The Odyssey; however, the near future retelling is imaginative. I enjoyed the modern twists on this story and each twist makes sense in a realistic way. I will not spoil any of the specific modern twist that are in this book, however, I found myself wanting to understand each situation a little better. My biggest criticism for this book is that the story felt very rushed. It feels like watching a story recap at the beginning of a television season. I wanted to see more character development more plotting around individual events. Is this a fair critique? Would they have been able to produce a fifty issue run? More importantly, could they sell a 50 issue run? With the quality of writing and art, they would have had my money.

“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” is another modern Odyssey reimagining. The Coen brothers version is a fantastical story with elements very much the same as the original. The Infinite Horizon is a realistic version of the older story. This world could be a near future for our world. The events that transpire could happen. The siren’s call is not some magical song. The Cyclops is not some magical beast. These are real world obstacles the protagonist has to overcome.

The art in this book is spectacular. Phil Noto uses thin, clean lines with a sketchy style. The art is both expressive and emotive. I loved the color pallet that Phil uses. Here, the coloring is as much a part of the art as the line work. Color bleeds over lines to express depth. The panel layouts are fairly standard, neither distracting nor revolutionary. The one minor complaint I would have is that the acting was a little light. I saw many of the same facial expressions and mouth shapes.

This book contains six issues for eighteen dollars with some Phil Noto sketches in the back. I feel that it is a little pricey to pay issue cover price for the trade. The paper quality is decent, however, this feels like it should be in the 13-15 dollar range. Seven extra pages of sketches aren’t really worth a lot of money to me. While I enjoy sketch pages I do not see valuable content here. I feel like more and more trades are following this pricing/content model and unfortunately I am becoming less willing to try new ideas.

This would have been a great book if the story would have been longer and more detailed. I wanted to understand these characters and the world they were in a little more. As it stands, it is a good book. The pacing is a little rushed, but it has a very imaginative plot. The art is amazing and very expressive. At the end of the day, while Infinite Horizon is a good book, it is a little pricey for the content.

Interested in the book?  You can purchase it from your local comic shop or from Amazon.


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