SDCC: iVerse Announces DRM_Free Option

Today, iVerse Media announced that the company will give creators and publishers the option of selling DRM-Free content in their “ComicsPlus” digital comics application.

“DRM remains a controversial issue, but it’s one that we think is very important,” said iVerse CEO Michael Murphey. “While there are many reasons why publishers may want DRM on their comics, there is also a growing number of creators and publishers that want to release their work without DRM restrictions. We believe it’s essential to give them, and the consumer, the option.”

iVerse’s DRM-Free initiative will begin rolling out on select titles in the third quarter of 2012. Publishers will have the option of releasing their work with a DRM-Free PDF download link, which will be available only after the title has been purchased on the ComicsPlus web app located at . PDF selections will be “stamped” with the account username of the content’s owner, but will contain no restrictive DRM.

“By no means do we expect every title to be available DRM-Free,” said iVerse Director of Business Development Steve May, “but for creators and publishers that want to get their work out there this way, we’re excited to offer this type of solution.”

This is an important step for someone like me. I would purchase more books digitally, but I never really own the books. While sites such as ComiXology offer plenty of titles, they never end up on my hard drive. Were ComiXology (or any of the other digital comic sites) to go out of business, I would lose access to all my titles. A scary proposition. Having the books on my hard drive (and backed up on my external drive) would make me feel a lot better.

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