Alan Moore Attends Comic Convention

Normally it is not news when a comic creator attends a convention. In fact, there are some creators who seem to spend more time at comic conventions than actually working on comics.

And then there is Alan Moore.

Alan Moore, the famously reclusive and eccentric comic creator and part-time magician, has not attended a comic book convention in over twenty five years. but, for whatever reason, he has decided to attend N.I.C.E (Northants International Comics Expo).

On the weekend of September 22nd – 23rd, Wicksteed Leisure Park will play host to Northants International Comics Expo 2012. N.I.C.E is the UK’s newest, most unique and family friendly comics expo. Headlining guest of honour for the inaugural event is one of the most acclaimed comic creators of all time, Alan Moore. This is a unique opportunity to attend convention panels with Moore, as it is the first comic convention he has attended in over 25 years.

N.I.C.E Guest of Honour – Alan Moore

For nearly 30 years Alan Moore has been universally acclaimed as the most ground-breaking and literate comic writer in the world. His early days in UK comics such as 2000AD and Warrior led to the creation of enduring stories such as The Ballad of Halo Jones and V for Vendetta. He redefined the idea of superhero icons in The Killing Joke, Marvelman and most notably Watchmen, which is still the only graphic novel on TIME magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels list. From there he has created an eclectic body of work such as From Hell, Lost Girls and The League of Extra-Ordinary Gentleman. Renowned as both an entertaining and enlightening speaker by those lucky enough to have experienced one of Alan Moore’s rare readings or talks, N.I.C.E 2012 is delighted to announce that he has graciously accepted the invitation to be Guest of Honour at our inaugural 2012 event.

On the Saturday evening of N.I.C.E 2012, Moore will give an unprecedented hour-long talk, sharing his comic-writing expertise. Visitors to the convention can then experience an hour-long Q&A session.

The convention will also feature signing and sketch sessions from an array of major international comic creators. In addition, N.I.C.E 2012 will host art workshops for children, cos-play competitions, original art galleries and auctions, live music, discussions and Q&A panels, and much more! There will also be a large dealers’ area to search for those rare back issues and collectables. The dealers, cos-play and art gallery areas will all be free to access all weekend with no entrance ticket required.

N.I.C.E. and Alan Moore will be supporting a donation program on behalf of Northamptonshire Libraries. Throughout the weekend you will be able to visit the Library’s table and donate your old graphic novels and trade paperbacks. Please help and recycle those unwanted books so these local libraries build a better selection of graphic novels and TPB’s for your communities! Every book that is donated will also be matched by another thanks to the generosity of Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.

To kick-start these donations it will be requirement that a donation is made to this program for entry to either of the ALAN MOORE panels. Your proof of donation, along with your show ticket, will be required for admission. Please note that due to the expected high demand for these panels they will take place in the evening after the main convention day has ended and attendees may enjoy the rest of the Park’s facilities before re-entering the main venue after seating has been reorganised.

Attending Guests
The list of further confirmed guests features acclaimed creators from all the major UK and US publishers. They include Charlie Adlard, Simon Bisley, Doug Braithwaite, Ian Churchill, Alan Davis, Steve Dillon, Marko Djurdjevic, Glenn Fabry, Melinda Gebbie, R.M. Guera, Adi Granov, David Hine, Shaky Kane, Dave Kendall, Clint Langley, Ben Oliver, Esad Ribic, Greg Staples, John Watson.

All signing sessions will be free of charge to convention ticket holders.

So, there you go. Alan Moore. At a comic convention. Answering questions. From ordinary folks.

You have been warned.

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