Guy Richie’s Gamekeepr Becomes Free Motion Comic

A “Gamekeeper,” motion comic series launched yesterday as part of the new Yahoo! Screen. Yahoo is attempting to compete with sites such as Netflix and YouTube by producing original content.

“Gamekeeper” is a motion comic version of Liquid’s graphic novel created by Guy Ritchie (director of the Sherlock Holmes films) and written by comic book superstar Andy Diggle (The Losers) with stunning artwork by Mukesh Singh (Dinosaurs vs. Aliens)..

Created by Guy Ritchie and written by acclaimed comic book writer Andy Diggle, “Gamekeeper” is a motion comic version of Liquid’s previous graphic tale of epic espionage, illustrating one man’s battle with the wild side of nature—and himself. Brock is a reclusive, enigmatic groundsman who lives a quiet existence, until mercenaries invade it and destroy any remnants of his life he has left. Now, set on a path of vengeance, it becomes difficult to tell who has more power – the man, or the animal within.

It is difficult to determine what they mena when they say that this is an “original” motion comic series.  I mean, wasn’t Gamekeepr published originally by Virgin Comics?  Maybe it is just the motion that makes it “original”?

Watch “Gamekeeper” online now

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