Have You Seen This?: Great Pacific

CBR has an exclusive (yes, we are a bit jealous) trailer for the upcoming Image series, Great Pacific.

It is really worth viewing, but it has left me with a few ponderings.

Pondering 1: Do we need a comic that glamorizes an ecological disaster? From the trailer, Great Pacific looks like an action adventure series with a “stranger in a strange land” hook. Equal parts Warlord and John Carter, this looks to be more of an action series than an environmental message. If that is the case, why set it there? Why glamorize and glorify it?

We are at a strange time when it comes to environmental issues. One of the leading doubters of man’s impact on global warming recently changed his mind and declared that humans are the cause of global warming. However, just as that is announced, it is also announced that Generation X is largely unconcerned about climate change. So, instead of creating a comic that is going to raise concerns, it looks like this is a comic that could, potentially give another reason to view the environment as being “for entertainment purposes only”.

Pondering 2: Do we need an environmentally preachy comic? So stepping off my soap-box for a moment, I have to ask myself if we really need a comic that beats us over the head with an environmental message. Comics are suposed to be escapist entertainment. They are supposed to have a seed of truth about them and then grow that seed in to something beyond the normal. Even auto-biographical comics, supposedly all true, sift through the ups and downs of daily life and select only the most interesting, funny, poignant, or strange to be shared. It isn’t that comics cannot deliver a powerful message. It is just not what I look for most often in comics.

And, I have to admit that Great Pacific seems like it could be kind of fun. In a recent interview on with CBR (still jealous), Joe Harris explained that he was “imagining a continent of garbage, debris, shipwrecks and downed satellites. ‘Our Great Pacific Garbage Patch has been kind of ‘hyper-realized,” Harris said. ‘Rather than being this soupy mess, we’ve envisioned this sprawling and varied continent of plastic and trash that’s grown out of neglect and extrapolation from the reality. It has its own topography and geography, with high plateaus and swampy marshlands. Trash and refuse from different nations going back decades make up the surface, and there’s plenty to discover as Chas founds a settlement and sets to exploring his new home.’” It has been too long since we have had a mixed-up mashed-up world to explore!

Pondering 3: So clearly I am on the fence about this. What is going to make me happy? A serious book that deals head on with the realities of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Or a book that says, “Screw it! This si supposed to be fun!” and has fun with it? And I think that is my answer. I want a book that chooses a direction and goes with it – a book that does not try to be everything to everyone. My fear is that there is not going to be enough of either to make this book satisfying to anyone.

But I am going to check it out. Because it LOOKS gorgeous! That art by Martin Morazzo is superb!

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