Not Comics, But Still Awesome: Laid Down and Wiped Away

Gary Euclide is a teacher in Minnesota.  He also happens to be an outstanding artist!  On his twenty-five minute lunch breaks, Gary creates these astonishing scenes on his white boards, using only dry erase marker and water.

You can check out more of his amazing creations over at Hi-Fructose.

As a teacher myself, I know it is next to impossible to get anything done on a lunch break. Most days it is all I can do to hit the restroom, microwave some leftovers, and make to to the copy machine before the kids start pouring in. Euclide must not only have art chops, but be super speedy as well!

If his art looks vaguely familiar, you might recognize him as the cover artist for Bon Iver’s 2012 debut album.

If you are interested in purchasing prints of Euclide’s work, you can do so here.

Frequent behind the scenes STR contributor and artist of Paris in the 20th Century (shameless plug), Keri Grassl was kind enough to pass along this story.

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