Put This On Your Calendar: Karl Kesel Benefit

I Like Comics in Vancouver, Washington is hosting a benefit for Karl Kesel to help cover his adopted son’s medical bills.

This year our Hullabaloo will be a 2- day fundraiser to help pay the medical bills for 14 week old Issac “Zack” Kesel. His father Karl Kesel, who has been involved in such projects as HAWK & DOVE, HARLEY QUINN, SUPERMAN, DAREDEVIL, several CAPTAIN AMERICA titles and much more, has provided many of us with countless hours of entertainment. Now we would like to call on the I Like Comics community to freely give back. 10% of all proceeds will go directly to Karl and his family. The BBQ this year is not free…it will be $2.00 for a hot dog, chips and a drink with 100% of that money will go directly to the Kesels. Plus…once people in the comic community heard about this being for Karl’s family they started clamoring to help:

12-3 Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett
12-4 Dan Prado
3-5 Kurt Busiek
5-7 Shannon Wheeler
11-1 Aaron Lopresti
2-4 Pete & Rebecca Pete Woods
2-4 Guest of honor Karl Kesel
4-7 Randy Emberlin

The Mandalorian Mercs will be appearing at various times throughout the week-end as well

So, if you are in the vicinity this weekend, be sure to stop by and put a little money in the pot for a good cause.
I Like Comics
2101 E 4th Plain, Vancouver, Washington

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