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Normally I love a good mashup. Take one pop-culture thing and mash it together with another and you get the equivalent of a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup – two great pop-culture items that tate great together. But even I have my limits. And I think Bluewater may have just found it: Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century.

From the same company that brought you “The Misadventures of Adam West” comes a new spin off action packed space adventure—”Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century.” Dirk Benedict is one of television’s most iconic figures of all time. Viewers sat riveted in front of their TV screens week-after-week as Starbuck hurtled through the stars in Battlestar Galactica and Lieutenant Templeton “Faceman” from Pack fought his way from one adventure to the next on The A-Team. Benedict has accrued a rabid fan base of action lovers that followed his every adventure through space and beyond.

Now Benedict’s back, starring in his very own comic book, ready to be introduced to a new generation of action junkies. Dirk Benedict is signing autographs at a convention when a mysterious scientist appears, transporting Dirk to Earth’s far-flung future, where he discovers he’s mankind’s only hope against an oppressive computer and its robot army.

“I have been on Broadway, in the movies, and on TV, but being ‘Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century’ beats them all,” Dirk said. “Not only will I be forever young (without surgery!), I can smoke my beloved fumerellos, un-heckled, throughout the Universe.”

The sci-fi comic was written by Scott Phillips and Benedict, himself.

I’ve been a Dirk Benedict fan ever since I was a kid and would stay up late to watch Sssssss on TV. It scared the heck out of me! And of course I was glued to the set every week for Battlestar Galactica,” Phillips said. “It’s been a lot of fun working with Dirk on the comic—he’s a very cool guy and tells some great stories. I hope his fans will dig what we’re doing and enjoy the adventure.

“When I started working on this comic for Bluewater, which I share with Bea Kimera, I came to realize that the script that Scott Phillips and Dirk Benedict, himself, wrote was what truly attracted me to this project,” said Guillermo, the artist. “Furthermore, I have been given the freedom to make my own decisions during the project, which has been a real pleasure. I cannot wait to share my artwork with all of my dearest friends and family and all of the ‘Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century #1′ readers.”

“Dirk Benedict in the 25th Century” will be available in print in November for $3.99 at comic book stores everywhere, as well as digitally on the Nook, Kindle, and iPad. Availible now, is the “Misadventures of Adam West” #4 and The 1st spin-off, “The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar” issues #1 and #2. You can catch Dirk 1st in a team-up with Adam West #6 coming in October.

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