An Awesome Idea. Let’s Do It!

Heidi MacDonald at The Beat wrote about a fantastic discovery she made at last weekend’s SPX:

I happened to know what she was tweeting about. As I went to the 7-11 on Sunday to get some cash (the ATMs long ago having run dry), I saw a loose brick on the sidewalk just outside the hotel, a few people bending over it. It seems that someone had noticed it, pulled it up and put some mini comics under it, and replaced the brick. As more people found it, they also added to the secret treasure trove. As I left for the last time I saw a mother with her daughter poring over the comics.

How cool is that?

So, I’ll tell you what. Mini-comics creators. Find a loose brick. Put your comic under it. Then shoot me an email (stumptowntrade at gmail dot com). I’ll post where curious people can find it. Let’s see if we can start a national registry of “hidden” mini-comics!

Who’s in?

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