AWESOME! Adventures of Superhero Girl to be Published by Dark Horse

I am not ashamed to admit that I did a little dance when I read that Faith Erin Hicks’ comic, The Adventures of Superhero Girl, will be published by Dark Horse.

AoSG is one of the hidden gems of the comic world. Not quite a web comic. Not quite a comic book, it exists in that weird space in between as a weekly comic in Hicks’ local paper. Hicks publishes it on line as well.

I have made no bones about it that Hicks is one of the best cartoonists working in the business. It is a shame that her resume is so small (three books through First Second is about the extent of it). She really deserves a regular, ongoing project!

Adventures of Superhero Girl is slated to come out in February as a hardcover volume priced at $16.99.

Dark Horse’s decision to publish AoSG means that they are now publishing two of my favorite creators’ works. Erika Moen’s Bucko comes out next week! All we need now is an omnibus of Girls With Slingshots and the trifecta will be complete!

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