ComixTribe Releases Free Digital Comic Ahead of NYCC Appearance

ComixTribe, the publisher of SCAM, THE RED TEN, THE STANDARD, and OXYMORON announced that it is releasing a free sampler comic ahead of its appearance at the New York Comic Con. The idea behind the sampler comic is to give people a taste for the titles which will be available at the convention.

I must admit this sounds like a pretty solid idea. Give away a few pages of different titles, whet people’s appetites, and then have the product on hand to sell them. I am surprised that more small press publishers do not do something like this.

I know plenty of self-published and small press people who give away samples at shows. However, shows are often so chaotic that I rarely get a chance to actually look through the materials I get until long after I am home (case in point: I still have some stuff from SDCC to go through!!!!). But, by giving it away several weeks ahead of time, readers have an opportunity to go through the sampler at their leisure and then add ComixTribe to their “must visit” list.

You can download the 40+ page comic here.

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One Response to ComixTribe Releases Free Digital Comic Ahead of NYCC Appearance

  1. Tyler James says:

    Thanks for sharing our Preview book! With an impressive guest list a mile long, and incredible panel programming all four days, small press can’t sit back and wait for the masses to come to them at a show like New York Comic Con. We want to make the most of the weekend, and that means getting our potential readers fired up before the show, and following up with them after.

    Can’t wait!

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