Indie Comic Review: Bloodshot #3

Bad cover. Good issue.

The intense ride continues in Bloodshot. Things continue to unravel for the nanite-infused assassin. He is on the run from Project Rising Sun. His memories are all fake. He has no one to turn to for help. And Project Rising Sun in his trail with a secret weapon which can take Bloodshot out with a single blast. Could things get any worse?


Bloodshot is on the run, but the voices inside his head only have one destination in mind – home. Is the woman that he finds there the wife that he’s been dreaming of – or the gateway to a much larger mystery? Plus, what horrors did Project Rising Spirit unleash on the town of Atlee, Nevada? And can their latest experiment take out Bloodshot before he catches up to the men who made him into a billion-dollar weapons project? There’s a new villain waiting in the wings, and she’s about to inflict more damage than any gun, bomb or missile imaginable. Introducing Pulse!

Bloodshot continues to be at the top of my list from the recent Valiant relaunch. The writing by Duane Swierczynski strikes the perfect balance between revealing enough while still keeping plenty of mysteries unresolved. There is a feeling that the story is moving steadily towards a deadly confrontation, each issue ratcheting up the intensity and bringing all the players closer together. It was great to see a super-powered character in this issue. A hero who can rapidly heal himself and survive darn near anything could only be taken down by someone more powerful than your average gun-toting soldier.

The action is thrilling. But more important, the moments between the fights are chock-full of intensity. Even though I praised the book for having a super-powered threat, that was not the best part of the book. The best parts were the interactions between “Pulse” (the aforementioned super-powered threat) and her captors. Swierczynski was able to convey more character in just a few panels than most creators show in several issues!

The art team of Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi hit a home run with this issue. There are a couple of moments in the book that could have been troublesome. Specifically, they had to convincingly show a character at different ages without hitting the reader over the head with the information. It needed to be subtle, yet convincing, and Garcia and Lozzi pulled it off magnificently.

Oh yeah. And they also blew stuff up real pretty too!

I was not expecting to like Bloodshot nearly as much as I have. It is now something I look forward to each moth, And, after the cliffhanger ending at the end of this issue, it is all I can do to wait the 30 days for the next issue!!!

Pick up Bloodshot #3 today!

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