Indie Comic Review: Womanthology – Space #1

It is good to see that Womanthology has continued since the initial release of its Kickstarted anthology.  There needs to be a place in the comic publishing world where new talent and established talent can mix, mingle, and create together in a supportive environment.  It is even better when that environment produces quality comics!

Womanthology: Space #1 is the first issue in a space-themed anthology.  Like any anthology there are pieces which work better than others.  However, I was impressed that there were no stories in this issue which were poor quality or left me scratching my head wondering how they got included.  The stories in this anthology have sent me scrambling to find more work from some of these talented creators!

There are a few stories in the book which I woud like to single out for particular attention.  The strongest story is Scaling Heaven by Allison Ross and Stephanie Hans.  It is gorgeously illustrated, and exceptionally well written, packing quite the message of hope in to such a short piece.  It juxtaposes well with another strong piece, Dead Again by Sandy King Carpenter and  Tanja Wooten.  It is also well- written and illustrated, but where Scaling Heaven is hopeful Dead Again is haunting.  Placing them back-to-back in the book was a great move by editor Mariah Huehner.  Several of the stories in the anthology seem to build on or compliment each other.   This gives a sense of cohesion which is often lacking from anthology projects.

While your mileage may vary with the stories in this anthology, overall Space is a solid debut for the Womanthology  brand.  Hopefully Womanthology will continue to grow and prosper, launching the careers of the next generation of comic superstars.

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