Moore and Reppion Return to Sherlock Holmes

It seems that everyone’s favorite sleuth is having something of a revival.  Not only is there the amazing BBC series, Sherlock, but there will also be a (adjective remains to be inserted until I actually see the show) American version called Elementary due out this fall.  Not to be left out, Dynamite Entertainment is publishing a new Sherlock Holmes mini-series from writer Leah Morre and artist John Reppion.

Leah Moore and John Reppion return to Sherlock Holmes after their acclaimed Sherlock Holmes: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes series. Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon features dynamic pencils from Matt Triano and a fantastic cover by the winner of the 2012 Eisner-Award for Best Cover Artist, Francesco Francavilla! This is the time to pre-order from your local retailer and make sure to pick up Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1 this coming December!

In Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #1, Sherlock Holmes is busy doing what he does best, solving a case of far-reaching international notoriety. It has landed him at the Port of Liverpool, a bustling hub of commerce both legitimate and illicit. As that chapter closes, ours begins. They head to Lime Street Station, to catch a fast steam locomotive home to London and Baker Street, when violent weather keeps The Great Detective and Watson in Britain’s second city a while longer. Long enough to encounter a monster, discover the Liverpool underworld, and to become embroiled in one of his strangest cases yet.

“The year is 1888: the Great Detective and the ever dependable Dr. Watson find themselves in the bleak northern port city of Liverpool from whose still bustling docklands grim slave vessels once sailed,” says writers Leah Moore and John Reppion. “Violent gangs roam the streets and the city’s struggling police force are fighting a war against an all pervading criminal underworld. A strange creature is sighted high among the rooftops and soon dead bodies bearing strange wounds begin to mysteriously appear. Only Sherlock Holmes can cut to the heart of the mystery and expose the truth behind the spectre of The Liverpool Demon.”

“Moore and Reppion craft a sober, literate mystery in which historical drama and legend are seamlessly interwoven,” adds artist Matt Triano. “The Liverpool Demon is whimsical and horrific, an absolute pleasure.”

“We’ve been waiting to release this one for a bit and had to find the right artist to do justice to John and Leah’s work,” states Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt. “They’ve put a tremendous amount of work into each and every Holmes series, culminating with the Liverpool Demon, enjoy!”

“Sherlock Holmes: The Trial of Sherlock Holmes is one of Dynamite’s most acclaimed series,” adds Dynamite President Nick Barrucci. “It is a pleasure to have Leah and John back aboard for more mystery and intrigue with Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon!”

I’m actually a bit curious to see the reaction to this series. Are people interested in Sherlock Holmes regardless of the time period? Or would a modern take on him play better?

One thing is for certain, with the hype surrounding the tv series, it is just a matter of time before some company announces a licensing deal for Sherlock. The real question is will it be IDW (home of the Doctor Who and Star Trek licenses), Dynamite (who have a stable of licensed titles), or Dark Horse whose licensed titles seem like they would be a pretty solid fit for Sherlock. Start your wagering now!

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