Sina Grace Says It’s “Not My Bag”

Sina Grace may be familiar to many readers as the editor of Robert Kirkman’s Skybound comics. But, to me, he is the artist of the cult comic Li’l Depressed Boy, as well as one of my favorite little-seen books, Books with Pictures.

In October, Sina Grace will release a new graphic novel, Not My Bag, chronicling the six months of his life that he spent as a sales associate in an upscale department store. Grace tries to cater to both customers’ taste and the demands of his management, all while the ghosts of relationships past haunt him and his artistic dreams wait for the bills to be paid.

“Not My Bag is a celebration of all of my passions: comic books, fashion, and the gothic genre,” said Grace. “Image Comics sees what I see in this book, and I’m excited to share something that is my unabashed love letter to funny books… by way of retail hell.”
A preview of NOT MY BAG appears in THE WALKING DEAD #101.

A 96-page, black-and-white graphic novel, NOT MY BAG will be in stores on October 10.

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