The Comic Con Panel in My Brain

In my fantasy world of comic cons, I would moderate a panel called “The Power and Perils of Autobiographical Comics”. Panelists would include Erika Moen (DAR), Julia Wertz (Fart Party),Natalie Nourigat (Between Gears), Emi Lenox (Emi Town), This Guy, and, since it is my fantasy and I get to invite whomever I want to be on the panel, Chester Brown (Paying For It). Alternate panelist would be Joe Matt (Peep Show).

Autobiographical comics are that crazy genre of comics where people get to publish real episodes from their life, showing everyone just how fun/scary/interesting/intelligent/stupid they can be. But unlike a documentary, the creators of these autobio comics get to pick and choose from all of life’s events to create the public personae they wish to share.

But then people start to read the comics. And comment. And judge. And offer advice. And complain when there are not enough updates. All of a sudden the audience feels like they get to be an active part of the cartoonist’s life! It is almost as if the cartoon is a participatory event.

Most cartoonists have to deal with people commenting on their work (either positive or negative). But, when it is an autobiographical cartoon, those comments are about the person’s life. What does that kind of constant commentary do to a person?

So, there you go. My proposal for a comic con panel. Any cons looking for a moderator to hang out on stage with a bunch of cool creators? I’ll bring the doughnuts.

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