Top Cow is Looking For Artists and Writers

Want to work in comics? Here’s your chance!

Top Cow is looking for 2 writers and 2 artists to work for them!

The goal of the Talent Hunt is to find two previously UNPUBLISHED
writers and artists and give them a chance to expose their work to the comic
industry in the printed and digital formats. The comics industry is an awesome one
to work in…both Marc Silvestri and I thought about this and realized that at some
point someone gave us a chance. We’re looking to do the same for a few people.

Of course there are all kinds of rules and regulations regarding this. The most important one is that you have to use one of the following properties:
Sabine (Wheel of Shadows)
Glorianna Silver (The Ember Stone)
Michael Finnegan (The Glacier Stone)
Ian Nottingham (Blood Sword)
Ji Xi ( 13th
Pandora’s Box wielder TBD
Tom Judge (Rapture)

Overall this seems like a pretty good opportunity. The writers and artists do not have to be linked together, so you do not have to submit as a team. This is a real break for writers trying to break in who normally have to find someone willing to do art for free to make the proposal.

The Talent Hunt will run through 12/31/12. So get cracking!!!!

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