Comic Creators Rally for Good Cause: Women of Wonder Roundup

Sunday was the 7th annual Women of Wonder Day in Portland. Over the past six years, Women of Wonder Day has raised over $135,000 for Domestic Violence charity programs in three states. This year’s festivities were based in Portland, Oregon and San Antonio, Texas. In addition, several pieces were placed on eBay for nation-wide bidding.

Excalibur Comics was the host once again in Portland. They have generously hosted each of the years and put on a great event.

Pete and Rebecca Woods were a huge hit. They sketched until the last person was gone!

Women of Wonder Day Founder Andy Mangels hanging out with pirates from PDX YAR!

Ibrahim Moustafa, hot off the release of the first two issues of The Pound, had a steady stream of fans.

Rob Kramer with copies of his Wonder Woman/Betty Rubble mash-up

Keri Grassl, artist of our very own Paris in the 20th Century, contributed this stunning Batwoman piece.

Doctor Fate even made an appearance.

Overall the seventh annual Women of Wonder day was a succes. I am looking forward to next year already!

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