In the DJ Booth: City of Bones #1

When Clary Fray goes out to a night-club in New York City, she never thought she would witness a murder. Much less a murder comitted by three teenangers her own age. This is her first time meeting The Shadowhunters; warriors who for their whole lives, have been taught to slay demons, as well as keep the Vampires and Werewolves in line. This is also her first time meeting Jace, an extremely dedicated shadowhunter. Within a day, Clary is pulled into Jace’s world of vengeance when her mother disappears and Clary herself, is attacked by a demon.

I thought the writing in the comic was great! It was very accurate compared to the book, but the really impressive thing was, is the fact the book was very rarely quoted. That seems to be one of the biggest problems with comics based on books; Parts of the story will be taken from the book, changed slightly, then put in the comic. In The City of Bones, the only times the story was quoted, was some of the more memorable things in the story that the characters said.

I liked the art. It was different style than what I usually read, but it was over-all very good! I liked how different all of the characters looked from each other, which made them more memorable. They each had something about them, like the way they dresses, or the way they stood or acted, was so very different, and I think that the art helped a lot with that. You could see the huge differences between, what say, Jocelyn[Clary’s mom] and Clary herself, even though they are mother and daughter easily, but still see how they look similar.

This story is probably one of the best comic version of a novel I have ever read. It is very accurate and the characters looked how they were described in the book. All the descriptions in the book were translated into art very well, and you can really see just how interesting the Pandemonium, and the people in it, are, while also seeing Jocelyn’s unique decorating skills in their house.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes demons as well as demon slayers, violence, some gore[but not much], and just a little bit of magic. But if you decide to read the comic, you should also read the novel. In the comic, things go by pretty quickly, while still getting what the story is about. But, it leaves out some details, but not much. Both are great, and I would recommend both to anyone of my friends.

City of Bones #1 is available on ComiXology now!
DJ is twelve years old. She enjoys chickens, chinchillas, and rummaging through her father’s comic book collection.

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