Indie Comic Review: Where’s My Shoggoth?

Where’s My Shoggoth? – Ian Thomas and Adam Bolton – Archaia – $11.95

We have all suffered that sinking feeing when a pet goes missing. We wnat nothing more than to find that pet, bring it home, and love it. But what do we do if that pet is an elder-god of HP Lovecraft? We’fd go looking for it, of course!

Your tentacled friend has gone missing. What can you do? Go looking for him, of course! Travel from the deepest cellars to the highest spires of a sprawling mansion. Search the grounds from the forest to the lake. On the way you’ll meet monsters and demigods, aliens and Old Ones, and all manner of creatures from the Cthulhu mythos. Surely something, somewhere, has seen your shoggoth?

An affectionate homage to the works of H P Lovecraft, beautifully illustrated by Adam Bolton, with rhymes by Ian Thomas. For mythos dabblers and shoggoth owners of all ages.

Where’s My Shoggoth is delightfully demented, leading the reader from one Cthulhuverse creature to the next with a casual and carefree rhyme. the main character, a young boy of about 10, is never frightened of the creatures with which he comes in contact. Instead, he explains exactly why they are not his Shoggoth and hy he should be on his way.

Accompanying him on his search for his missing pet, is his kitten companion. One would think that the cute little kitten would be the pet he is looking for, but it is clear that the kitten is nothing compared to the Shoggoth. The inclusion of the kitten adds to the surreality of each scene as the black fur ball darts in and out of the backgrounds.

The art by Adam Bolton is wonderfully intricate. Each page deserves the reader’s full attention. Multiple re-reads are rewarded with minute details. The book alternates between full-color two-page spreads, and sparse, black and white pen illustrated two page spreads. This creates a real sense of journey and desire in the story, as well as gives Bolton an opportunity to show off different skills. These black and white pages have deeper emotion and round out the main character a bit.

Where’s MyShoggoth truly is an all-ages bok. While the younger readers will delight in the absurdity of a boy trying to find his pet monster, older readers (particularly those with an affinity for the writings of HP Lovecraft) will enjoy the intricacy of the illustrations. This is the kind of book which would have been read repeatedly in our house at bedtime.

As a bonus, the endpapers act as a Chutes and Ladders game which can be played by kids once they have found their Shoggoth. Although, they should probably be careful. Rumor has it Shoggoths don’t like to lose at Chutes and Ladders.

Where’s My Shoggoth is available now. You can order Where’s My Shoggoth? here.

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