Moon Girl Returns To Red 5 Comics

Red 5 is synonymous with its flagship title, Atomic Robo.  However, they are also the publisher of many other titles.  One of them is the gorgeous comic, Moon Girl.  But, you would not know that given the amazingly long period of time between issues.  However, al that waiting has paid off.   The final issue of Moon Girl is available now, and a collected edition will be shipping in February!

It is an all-too-familiar story in the world of creatorowned comics. After a strong start, a promising and compelling project suffers delays… or

Last year, Tony Trov and Johnny Zito’s revival of Golden Age heroine “Moon Girl” was met
with rave reviews and solid sales that caught Red 5 Comics’ eye. It warranted a leap from
digital-exclusive to a full-blown printed monthly that was available in comic shops across
North America.

Planned from the outset as a five-issue mini-series, the comic was met with high praise
for its complex yet nostalgic writing. Nerds in Babeland said, “this story compiles some
of the best elements of sci-fi, horror and super hero action.” Pop Matters declared Moon
Girl “already a classic, just two issues in, or soon destined to be. It certainly deserves to be

But it was the jaw-dropping hand-painted art by Rahzzah, described by A Comic Book Blog
as “some beautiful combination of Alex Ross and Arkham Asylum’s Dave McKean”, that
really set this incarnation of Moon Girl apart.

It was that time-intensive standard, combined with external circumstances and
commitments, that simply proved too much to keep the series on schedule. The 4th issue
was released in September 2011, promising an amazing finale with Moon Girl and her
adversaries, holding the fate of New York in limbo. Issue #5 did not come out the following
month, or the month after that.

Despite personal set-backs, Rahzzah assured us he was committed to finishing the project
and to not compromise even a single panel by rushing. Months went by and pages came in.
But not just any pages… the best, most striking pages of the entire series.

Today, Moon Girl #5 is finally available to the public as a digital-exclusive on the
Comixology platform where the series debuted. Whether you’ve been waiting in anticipation,
or if you’ve yet to experience the wonders of Moon Girl, check out the entire series now at

With its unique non-linear story-telling style, we agree with A Comic Book Blog that “Moon
Girl is a book you want to stick with for the full five-issue run to get the maximum
enjoyment and understanding.” The best way to read Moon Girl is as a collected graphic
novel, but to put out a printed edition of issue #5 would delay the release of such an edition
in print even further.

As such, the trade paperback of Moon Girl with extras from the creators can be pre-ordered
now from your local comic shop for just $14.95.   The deluxe collection includes exclusive extras from the creators and will be on-shelves in February 2013.

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