Fantagraphics Releases Early Fritz the Cat Stories by R. Crumb

Has there ever been a singel character who has done more to make the word aware of “Underground Comix” than Fritz the Cat? I clearly remember sitting in my dorm room in college watching a VHS copy of the Fritz the Cat movie, thinking it was one of the strangest things I had ever seen! This was long before I became aware of R. Crumb and his innumerable contributions to comics as a whole.

This March, Fantagraphics is releasing the third paperback volume of the Complete R.Crumb. This volume introduces us to the one and only Fritz the Cat!

Starring Fritz the Cat includes Crumb’s classic original Fritz stories from 1965, including “Fritz Bugs Out” and “Fritz the Cat, Special Agent for the CIA,” the first two “real” stories in the Fritz canon, as well as “Fritz the Cat, Ace Statesman,” four pages of a previously unpublished Fritz story, and several Fritz illos never before printed in color. Plus: Crumb’s first published work from Help! and Yell, including the “Harlem Sketchbook” and the “Bulgarian Sketchbook,” most never before reprinted; two dozen of his Topps trading cards, plus extremely rare promotional items, as well as many creeting cards done for American Greetings, several in full color; and many pages of strips from Crumb’s 20-year-old sketchbooks. Plus more of Marty Pahls’s ongoing Crumb biography, including the story of Crumb’s first acid trip, with more rare photos of the young Crumb!

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