Hey Kids! Free Digital Comics!

Looking for a good way to sample some titles? It looks like iVerse and Top Cow are here to help! They are offering bundles of three of their titles for free to help people sample the comics and see if they are to their liking. As Tom Peterson used to say, free is a very good price.

Never having read Artifacts, and only having a passing knowledge of Darkness and Witchblade, I might just take advantage of this and see if these are titles I might be interested in reading. Anyone else checking them out?

iVerse Media and Top Cow are offering, for a limited time, free trial programs to help celebrate the recent relaunches of Witchblade, the Darkness and Artifacts. These three popular franchises recently kickstarted fan passions with new storylines. In order to continue to drive excitement, iVerse wants fans to be able to sample each of these series at no risk.

“We’re thrilled to help spread the word on these exciting series,” said iVerse CEO Mike Murphey. “We like what Top Cow is doing and want to do whatever we can to help fans find out what which series they like best.”

Fans can use the codes below to get the issue for free:

Artifacts #14-22 Bundle = TCARB12
Darkness Bundle #101-107 = TCDRB12
Witchblade Bundle #151-161 = TCWRB12

Fans can just go to the “more” section in the ComicsPlus app, click on “redeem” and enter in these codes. But fans are encouraged to hurry, as this offer expires on March 5, 2013.

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