A Happy Kickstarter Story

It seems like every time you turn around these days, someone is complaining about some Kickstarter project or another.  The product was extremely late.  The sketch in the book was crappy.  This project isn’t what Kickstarter was designed for.

Well, let’s put something positive out there for a change!

This is the what Jason Brubaker sent out to his Kickstarter supporters.

ReMindYes, that’s right!  Those are the ReMind vol. 2 books which were just delivered.  Well…sort of.  Brubaker writes:

The even crazier part is this is only half of the shipment! The other half went to my distributor who got so excited that they accidentally sent out copies of Volume 2 to NEW YORK KINOKUNIYA BOOKSTORE who had placed an order. If you are in New York then go grab it now because Volume 2 is not officially out until April in bookstores. Someone got lucky. :)

I know you are all wondering when you will be getting your copy now. Well, I still have a few things to get together before I can start plowing through the orders. I am planning to be ready to start fulfilling the first few tiers within a week or two. Exciting!!!

So, to recap: Jason Brubaker’s Kickstarter campaign for ReMind vol. 2 is ready to go on time and some lucky folks will be getting their copy early!

Gotta love it when good things happen to good people.



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