Contest: Design a Shirt to Celebrate Invincible 100

InvincibleKirkman’s OTHER book is turning 100!  Invincible, the story of Mark Grayson, the son of the world’s greatest hero who lives his life trying to make up for the ultimate betrayal.  It is month in and out one of the best comics on the stands and truly a delight to read.  And, after all the trials and tribulations it is reaching its milestone 100th issue!  To celebrate, Image/Skybound is launching a T-Shirt contest!

Design a T-Shirt to Celebrate the 100th Issue of Invincible

Here’s your chance to create limited edition merchandise for Invincible, the super-hero comic book series by Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead).

For this contest, design a T-Shirt to commemorate the comic’s 100th issue. The winner will receive $500 – plus additional designs will be selected for the Creative Allies store and you can earn royalties from every product sold!

For all the details, including image resolution, file size, and suggested themes, visit the contest page.

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