Digital Version of Todd the Ugliest Kid on Earth Comes With Extras

ToddImage Comics released the print and digital versions of Todd, The Ugliest Kid on Earth this week. However, unlike most releases, the digital and print versions were not the same. Creators Ken Kristensen and M.K. Perker included behind-the-scenes additional content for the digital version of the book.

The downloadable edition of the book includes early black-and-white versions of the art, the original dialog script that was given to the artist, an in-depth start-to-finish look at the pitch of the book to Image, as well as the art and how both processes evolved, and a special welcome letter from the creators INCLUDING their contact info. Todd, the Ugliest Kid on Earth is available in the the comiXology app,,, ComicsPlus app, and the Apple iBook/iTunes store. Fans can go here to download the book directly from Image.

“Deleted scenes and art are always interesting, but we wanted to really let fans walk a mile in our shoes,” explained Co-Creator Ken Kristensen. “The evolution of the comic creation process is one that most fans don’t get a chance to see.” M.K. Perker commented “Ken and I have been friends forever. In the digital edition, you get to see us laugh, try new things, screw up, trash bits and start all over again. It’s like a buddy cop movie in comic creation form!”

You can check out our review of Todd #1 here.

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