Drawn & Quarterly to Publish Glidden’s Rolling Blackouts

Yrollingblackoutsesterday Drawn & Quarterly announced it would be publishing Sarah Glidden’s next graphic novel, Rolling Blackouts. Glidden achieved widespread attention and success with her 2010 debut graphic novel, How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less.

“There is an honest simplicity in Sarah’s approach that makes you trust her–it draws you in. She’s not out for grand truths or over-the-top laughs,” said Devlin. “She crafts subtle and rich stories by asking questions but not demanding answers. She brings you along on her search. You learn with her. It’s an exciting approach to comics journalism.“

To be released in Fall 2014, ROLLING BLACKOUTS follows Glidden to the Middle East with friends from a journalist collective, traveling to Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Glidden draws the portrait of a relationship between two childhood friends; one who is a journalist staunchly opposed to the Iraq war and the other a Marine who fought in the war. In doing so, Glidden explores the legacy of the war in Iraq and how it has changed people’s lives, throughout the region and back at home.

With only a few mini-comics under her belt, Glidden made the auspicious debut HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS OR LESS and instantly was on everyone’s radar as a cartoonist to watch. This memoir about her Birthright Trip to Israel won an Ignatz Award when serialized as a minicomic in 2008 and was published as a graphic novel in 2010 in six languages. Her short pieces of graphic journalism have been published in print and online on Cartoon Movement, Ha’aretz, Symbolia Magazine, and the Jewish Quarterly. In 2012, she was an artist in residence at the Maison des Auteurs in Angoulême, France and she was honored with the Maisie Kukoc Award for Comics Inspiration.

You can check out Glidden’s website for more information as well as art previews.

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