Hatman’s Tip: Heroman vol. 1


Heroman! vol. 1 – Stan Lee, Bones, Tamon Ohta – Vertical – $10.95

When we think of Stan Lee we think of the creator of Marvel Comics we don’t expect him to be writing a Japanese Manga comic. Stan the man Lee has surprised us yet again. Lee, accompanied by Bones, wrote Heroman. Along with the artist Tamon Ohta they created a story about a boy who gets a toy that helps him kill aliens.

The Manga, which was originally an anime in Japan, focuses upon a teenager named Joey Jones. He lives with his grandmother and works part-time at a local diner to help support her. One day while at school, Joey sees a few kids playing with a new voice activated robot toy.  The kids wreck it by driving it into the street where it gets run over by a passing car.  Joey takes the mangled robot and fixes it in his room. During a rainstorm, the toy is hit by lightning and  transforms into a 30 foot robot. Joey decides to use his new Heroman! to protect his family from the alien invasion of insect people.

Overall, I say it was a good read.  However, it was rushed in some spots. In my opinion, they could have expanded the story over a couple of books. Also, the way the writers introduced characters was just a little too fast for me. For instance, they introduced the father of Joey’s friend Lina and then you never see him for the rest of the book. But overall I liked it!

Now I bet most readers are thinking… “Oh! this is a manga so the giant eyes are sooo going to annoy me”.  And this may be true.  But remember this is written by Stan Lee which is probably why this Manga feels like an American comic.  I like this art a lot. It combines manga and the American comic style to create a fresh look and feel. It makes for a great visual look for an American audience but does not move too far from its manga roots. It feels like Transformers and Megaman combined. In fact, when I saw the cover it totally reminded me of Captain America’s shield.  Not sure if that’s Stan Lee giving a nod to Cap or what but it looks cool!

So, if you’re thinking of not reading just because it’s a manga… Give it a try! It’s totally worth your time.

And now, with all my thoughts counted and tallied would I recommend this book? YES! I like the clean-cut of the art. Even though the story might be sped up a little too much: I liked what Bones and Lee did.  I’ll definitely be picking up the next book!

 You can order HeroMan volume 1 now.


Hatman is, by far, the best-dressed twelve-year-old you will ever meet.  He enjoys, hats, bow-ties, and a well-written comic.

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