Put This on Your Calendar: Learn From The Master

Scott-McCloudThere are few people more qualified to talk about the art and craft of comic creation than Scott McCloud.    He literally wrote the book on making comics:Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga and Graphic Novels.  So, when the man offers you an opportunity to learn from him, you best jump!

2-Day COMICS: Theory and Practice with Scott McCloud

A visual lecture and intensive hands-on workshop in the art of making comics. Strong emphasis will be given to developing clarity, storytelling skills and personal expression. Students will learn and apply a variety of techniques for presenting narratives through comics, as well as a wide arsenal of skills applicable to any form of graphic communication. The course culminates in the creation of a short comics feature, written and drawn by each student.

  • No drawing experience required. This is a class about structuring visual communication, not technical rendering. Both beginners and experienced artists are welcome.

When: February 23 -24, 2013
Where: Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art
Cost: $495

Just to give you an idea of the ideas that come from McCloud’s mind, check out this TED talk from 2005 (the ideas he espoused then are just now being implemented by comic creators).

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