Really Cool? Or Really, Really Cool?

Charles Burns is the exceptionally talented artist behind X’ed Out, Black Hole, and the Elysian Beer bottles.  So, any time he has a new project, it is worth taking notice.  This one in particular caught my eye.

Black Hole

From the artist:
“What is this? I took a bunch of pencil drawings from my comic Black Hole and taped them together and xeroxed them to make this book. When I “pencil” my comics I work in layers on sheets of tracing paper and build the drawings up by slowly refining and fixing them. Sometimes I get what I want in one or two tries, but that’s rare…”

Echo Echo is a hand-bound, small-editioned artist book that presents Burn’s very rarely seen pencil drawings. This book is made up from 36 pages of process sketches from Black Hole collaged together by the artist.

Guts printed on an opaque natural paper, cover printed on translucent vellum stock. Hand-bound with black linen thread. All copies signed and numbered. 500 copies total, in 2 editions: 400 in the standard edition & 100 for the deluxe of which each copy houses 1 of 100 original drawings provided by the artist from his archives.

Did you catch that?  All of them are signed and numbers and 100 of them come with an original piece of art!?!?!  Sign me up!!!!

You can order Echo Echo directly from Pigeon Press.  You can also order a copy of Black Hole for comparison.

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