Sex Sells for Joe Casey

Joe CaseyIn 2012 Jeffrey Kaufman raised some eyebrows, and more than a few hackles, with is Zenescope graphic novel, “Whore”. Now, in 2013, Joe Casey is toning down the rhetoric, but still going for a provocative title. Is this the year that “Sex” sells?

When you’re a retired superhero, adrift in the city that you were once sworn to protect, no longer bound by the code of the crime fighter, what do you do? If you’re Simon Cooke, you struggle to reintegrate yourself into regular society, and you become drawn to a world you’ve never known before – of pleasure, abandon, confusion and … SEX.

SEX, a new Image Comics series, takes a drastic turn from writer Joe Casey’s previous work, like BUTCHER BAKER THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER and GØDLAND. In an interview at Comic Book Resources’ Robot6, Casey described SEX as a comic that is “experimental in a different way … just not in an obvious way.”

Simon, formerly known as the Saint, Saturn City’s greatest hero, discovers what it is like to live not as an icon, but as person. After years of keeping himself at a distance from society, Simon finds himself ill-equipped for the tasks of a “normal” life, like running a business and navigating relationships – including with women, whom he’d stayed away from in his decade as a costumed vigilante.

And it’s not just Simon who has to adjust to the new normalcy. His former enemies, now without a nemesis, have to readjust and reevaluate their lives.

With moody, shadowy art by Polish artist Piotr Kowalksi (Malignant Man), SEX takes readers into the dark underbelly of a city without a hero. In choosing Kowalski to depict this world, Casey had specific criteria that he felt Kowalski fulfilled.

“I wanted to work with Piotr because everything about his art, his storytelling, his approach to comics, is infused with a cool, European vibe because he lives and works there.” Casey relates. “That vibe fits with how we want to present this story. He doesn’t shy away from the sexual content contained in the book, but gives it to you in a very non-gratuitous manner.”

SEX a new ongoing, full-color comic book series for mature readers will be in stores on March 6th.

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