Tugboat Press Ends Paper Cutter

Paper CutterI have just heard the sad new that Tugboat Press is ending the greatest indie anthology currently on the market: Paper Cutter.

For the last seven years, Papercutter has been our flagship title here at Tugboat Press. It’s been a joy to work on and we’re proud of every issue. But like all good things, it couldn’t last forever and now it’s time to move onto new projects. So issue seventeen will be the last issue of Papercutter. Thanks to all the artists who lent their talents to the anthology. We had some amazing people do amazing work for us, and it was honor to publish it. Extra big thanks to Nate Beaty who drew the endpages for every issue, put together this website, and provided much needed advice and friendship. I can’t even imagine Papercutter without him.
Thanks also to all the readers who bought issues or borrowed them from a friend or got them from the library. Hearing readers tell us that they discovered a new favorite cartoonist from Papercutter is the best feeling in world.
The back issues that are still in print will remain for sale on the site through our retail partners and at show from us in person. As issues fall out of print, we will remove them our list of titles. This will hopefully keep this site clean and easy to use.

This is quite the blow.  Paper Cutter has, over the past few years, been home to some of the biggest names (as well as some of the smallest) in independent comics.  In short, 1 – 8 page stories, creators such as Sarah Oleksyk, Vanessa Davis, Liz Prince, MK Reed, Farel Dalrymple, Jim Rugg, Graham Annable, and Julia Wertz have plied their trade.  The result has been a consistently entertaining and enjoyable read.  It will be missed.

For now, people can (AND SHOULD) purchase back issues.  The Tugboat Press website has ordering info for each issue.

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