Indie Comic Review: Bloodshot #8

Bloodshot_8Bloodshot is in a mess of trouble.

He is in the bowels of Project Rising Spirit.  His companions have been captured.  His body has been severely damaged.  The answers he was promised are nowhere to be found.

Worst of all, he is surrounded by armed vigilantes and small children.

The problem is, he cannot tell which is deadlier.

Bloodshot continues to be equal parts shoot ‘em up action flick and sci-fi thriller.  It is never obvious where the story is going or how it will get there.  All the reader is assured of is that it is going to be one heck of a ride.

All the groundwork Duane Swierczynski has laid out over the past eight issues is starting to pay off in spades now.  Project Rising Spirit is revealed to be the kind of government agency that is more than capable of brainwashing a super-soldier like Bloodshot.  More important, it is revealed to be capable of far greater horrors, making them the logical target of Bloodshot’s rage.  Swierczynski has spent so much time giving the reader a sense of the crazy, messed up world inside Bloodshot’s head, now we can finally experience the environment which created that world.

Manuel Garcia’s art is a ballet of violence, beautiful and horrific all at once.  Bloodshot faces physical and psychological horrors, and Garcia conveys them fully.  More than just a killing machine, Garcia’s facial expressions reveal that Bloodshot is truly haunted by the fact that he cannot remember the horrors he has perpetrated.  that haunted feeling is compounded by the revelation that some of those horrors were perpetrated against children.

Bloodshot is all-out action, but that doesn’t mean it is stupid.  Bloodshot is the thinking person’s action book.  The first collection is out in stores today, so this is the perfect time to get caught up.  Check out what you have been missing, because Bloodshot is something special!

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