Sean Kleefeld Maps Comic Tribute Sites

Kleefeld MapSean Kleefeld runs the fantastic site, Kleefeld on Comics. He has long been a voice in the on-line comic community and an all-around nice guy. I first had interactions with him on the Marvel Chronology Project site where he proved to be THE authority on all things Fantastic Four. So, when I say that he has a love of cataloguing and an eye for detail, I am not just whistling dixie.

Now he has taken upon himself a new challenge: Mapping out the locations of comic memorials and tributes.

The problem is that, while I know where a lot of big cities are, I don’t know the whereabouts of the small towns that are home to some of the more obscure pieces of comic memorials. I’ve never heard of Pawnee, Oklahoma or Amesbury, Massachusetts much less know where they are relative to, say, Oklahoma City or Boston. So I started mapping them so that I would have a readily accessible record of where some of these places are, on the off chance that I happen to be in the neighborhood.

The impressive map which can be seen here. there are already calls for him to open it up to the public so that it can be added to and expanded. For now, let’s just tip our hats to the fine work he has done and start planning a road trip!

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