Preview: Archer & Armstrong #8

Valiant gave us this advance preview of Archer & Armstrong #8 by Fred Van Lente and Emanuela Lupacchino. More important, they have given us what way be the best variant cover so far. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

As “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior” charges into its universe-shattering penultimate issue, get ready to discover the cosmic horror of the Null’s ultimate endgame for Planet Earth!

“Nothing is Forever.” That is the motto of the Null, the enemies of the Geomancers for centuries. Now, at last, the Null have found the key to the utter destruction of all that is – and his name is Obadiah Archer! Can the Eternal Warrior and his brother, Armstrong, set aside their differences long enough to team up against their compromised young ally – and will any of them survive the final battle? Plus: who has sealed a secret pact with the One Percent and what do they want with the mysterious, time-displaced land known as the Faraway?

From the snowy slopes of Ittoqqortoormiit to the lost catacombs of Wall Street, the entire Earth just hit the endangered list and only Archer & Armstrong #8 can save it – in stores everywhere on March 13th!AA_008_COVER_LUPACCHINO

AA_008_VARIANT_FOWLER.1AA_008_001 AA_008_002 AA_008_003 AA_008_004

AA_008_006 AA_008_005

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