Preview: Harbinger #10

Harbinger-010_CVR_SUAYANHarbinger continues to be the smartest superhero comic on the stands. Don’t believe me? Valiant has provided us with an advance preview of Harbinger #10 from Joshua Dysart and Matthew Clark.  Check it out.

As “Renegades” races toward an unforgettable climax, Peter Stanchek is about to face his toughest choice yet – lead or die.

Trapped between the opposing forces of Toyo Harada’s Eggbreakers and Project Rising Spirit, Peter Stanchek and his wayward band of renegade telekinetics are about to find themselves in a vicious, three-way firefight. Can they put aside their fears and do battle as the team they’ll need to be to survive? The Renegades are about to make their big debut – and, when the smoke clears, the Valiant Universe is going to be a very different place.

With Harbinger Wars just over the horizon, meet the team of superhuman revolutionaries that will change everything on March 20th, only in Harbinger #10!







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