Sex (Doesn’t) Sell

sexAt least not on an iPad.

Word has come down that the new Joe Casey series, Sex, from Image has been banned from the comiXology app for iOS (the Apple operating system).tat means that the book will not be available on the dominant digital platform. According to the statement from Image, this is “due to content restrictions set by Apple.” In other words, Apple doesn’t want you to buy Sex on line.

However, not all is lost. Readers who wish to buy the digital version of SEX #1, which was released in stores on Wednesday, can purchase it on iBooks or directly from the the Image Comics website and then sync it to their mobile device and preferred app.

SEX tells the story of what happens when Simon Cooke, formerly known as the Saint, Saturn City’s greatest hero, discovers what it is like to live not as an icon, but as person. After years of keeping himself at a distance from society, Simon finds himself ill-equipped for the tasks of a “normal” life, like running a business and navigating relationships – including with women, whom he’d stayed away from in his decade as a costumed vigilante.

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