Indie Comic Review: Eros Gone Wild

Eros Gone Wild - Humanoids Publishing - $89.95

Eros Gone Wild – Humanoids Publishing – $89.95

If there were to be a Survey of European Erotica of the 1990’s course taught at the university level, Eros Gone Wild by Humanoids Publishing could serve as the textbook. With fifty erotic stories spanning a variety of artistic styles and literary genres, Eros Gone Wild is a true snapshot of European erotic comics of the 1990’s.

Whereas most erotic anthologies focus around a particular theme, Eros Gone Wild is wide-ranging and free-flowing. The stories within are loosely based around a particular theme or setting (there are stories based around Christmas, the beach, or travel to name a few), but there are no formal delineations. The stories are presented without comment or hard boundaries. It is up to the reader to make meaning of the order.

Because of the lack of formal division or grouping, the reader is free to flip through the book and sample storied throughout, or read the book from cover to cover. Either one gives a peek into the wide variety of art and storytelling styles of European erotica.

A few stories in the book stood out. Picnic at Arcturus Beach by Philippe Caza was just batshit crazy. From reading the first few panels there was no way to possibly predict how it was going to end. The art was vaguely reminiscent of the work of Moebius, gorgeous, detailed, and fantastic all at the same time. This was, by far, my favorite of the bunch and worth the price of admission all on its own.

Maruo’s The New Trip to Tokyo was one of the most visually unique stories in the collection. It had a direct manga influence while coupling classic Japanese erotic images with Western ideas of beauty and Orientalism. A full analysis could be done on those short few pages diving deeply into the relationships between new and old Japan, as well as complex family dynamics.

There is also the haunting prose piece, B.K.’s Panties by Enki Bilal & Patrick Cauvin. It tells a predicament bondage story of a young woman who is given the task of retrieving a pair of panties dangling from the talons of a bird. Making matters more difficult, her feet are bound and she only has one hand free. the gorgeous single illustration offsets the dark undertones of the story, creating an uneasy arousal in the reader.

Before you get the impression that Eros Gone Wild is nothing but highbrow erotic literature and fine art, let me assure you that there is plenty of gratuitous nudity, anatomical humor, and stories with only the thinnest of plots. Eros Gone Wild has a little something for everyone.

So, for the person out there who hoped that there would be a course on European erotica of the late twentieth century, this is the book for you! Another couple of read-throughs and I may just have some lesson plans!

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