Indie Comic Review: The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology

greatestalltimeIt is pretty bold to call your comic anthology “The Greatest of All Time”. I mean, really. There have been some pretty amazing anthologies. So, to be the greatest, you have to be pretty special.

I should have expected something completely different with The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology. It is edited/curated by the same team who brought us Cold Wind, a fantastically unexpected story about a political assassination of a polar bear king. The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology is not making a bold claim that IT is the greatest anthology of all time. Instead it collects individual stories about specific moments in time which were the greatest ever. From the fictional creation of the greatest band ever (named Sex Sex), to the greatest bruise ever (totally worth it), The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology is a voyeuristic experience allowing the reader to listen in on coffee shop conversations of people recounting the greatest moments of their lives (or the fictional lives they create).

As with most anthologies there were some stories which were more successful than others. However, under the careful eye of editors Dan Mazur and Jesse Lonergan, these variations in quality fluctuate between good and awesome. There is hardly a dud in the bunch. The stories vary in length between quick two-page stories and longer stories up to ten pages. More often than not the two page stories were the best, making the creator focus on each panel for maximum impact.

One of my personal favorites was The Greatest Cat by Jason and Rebecca Viola.  As someone who is definitely a cat person and regularly reorganizes his personal space around a napping cat, it was great to see someone else shared my affection for our furry friends.  It didn’t hurt that the comic was well written and beautifully illustrated.  So, come for the cat, stay for the great story.

While it is often a risk to purchase an anthology, I cannot recommend The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology enough. It has a solid creative line up, great production values (twenty color pages in a small press book?!?!), and an enjoyable read from cover to cover! You can purchase your very own copy of The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology directly from Ninth Art Press.

While you are at it, it would not hurt to check out the rest of the offerings from Ninth Art, as well as the Boston Comics Round Table, an organization to which many of the contributors of The Greatest of All Time Comics Anthology belong.

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