Emerald City Comicon Day 3

ECCCDay three was a half-day for us.  We rolled in around eleven-thirty after checking out of the hotel and gorging ourselves on crumpets (a Seattle tradition).  With the stress of moderating the panel behind me, I found the final day to be one of the most enjoyable.  The crowds were comparable to Friday, and most creators had a tired but satisfied look on their face.  It had been a good show for everyone.

I caught up with Devon Devereaux whose Jack Kirby tribute piece was featured in the LTD. Gallery Mint Condition show over the weekend.  As always, fans were attracted to

Had to take this one twice.  He blinked the first time!

Had to take this one twice. He blinked the first time!

his take on classic monsters and horror.  I also managed to chat briefly with Joe Keatinge who was having a busy convention and catch up with Pete and Rebecca Woods.  I was going to stop by Greg Rucka’s booth, but it was always busy, and I am going to see him this weekend when I pick up my Kickstarter book.

One of the last things we did was catch the Adam Warren and Brandon Graham panel.  As much a meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society as it was a glimpse into their creative processes, the real takeaway was their shared love of Masamune Shirow and Appleseed.  Listening to them breakdown pages which were shown on the projector was a fascinating look at how artists look to other other artists for inspiration and improvement.

Pretty, pretty princess (who will knock you out with his guns!)

Pretty, pretty princess (who will knock you out with his guns!)

We cruised out of the con in the early afternoon.  We hit the LTD. Gallery to check out the Mint Condition show before pointing the bus south and heading for home.  We left the show recharged, excited about comics, and already making plans for a return trip in 2015!

Final thoughts:
ECCC is definitely a destination show. It should be on everyone’s radar and their to-do list. Start planning now, as the date has already been set for next year (March 27 – 29). With a bit of forethought and planning, there is no reason why ECCC cannot be the best show of your year.

The coordinators of Emerald City worked hard to

Martian menace!

Martian menace!

address many of the concerns raised by con-goers last year.  The traffic flow was greatly improved (there was one major pinch point near the Image Booth, but that was pretty much it) making movement between the rooms a much more pleasant experience.  There was also clearer signage for panels making finding the rooms much easier.

As always, the “minions’ were the real stars of the show.  While many conventions position their volunteers around the perimeter of the con to keep people without tickets out and guide people to  various entrances, ECCC floods the con floor with helpful volunteers.  From line management to general

The family that cosplays together...

The family that cosplays together…

information, at every turn there was a smiling green-shirted “minion” there to help.  For as large as ECCC has become, the volunteers keep it running smoothly!

The cosplay at the con was fantastic this year.  Maybe it was the lack of any single dominant group of cosplayers (very few zombies, homestucks, or Stormtroopers).

We know who wears the pants in this relationship

We know who wears the pants in this relationship

Maybe it was a desire to do something truly unique.  Either way, this year’s crop of cosplayers was the most unique and diverse I have seen!  I have not enjoyed people watching this much in quite some time!

Emerald City kicks off the con season and sets the bar for all other conventions.  I can’t wait to come back next year!

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