Thoughts on Warren Ellis Joining Dynamite

projectsuperpowersI am a huge fan of Warren Ellis.  If his name is on a book, there is a good chance I will at least give it the once-over and check it out.  So it was with great interest that I read about Warren Ellis signing with Dynamite to work on their Project Superpowers books.

“Dynamite is honored to announce that Warren Ellis, one of the greatest and most respected comic book writers in comics, will be working with Dynamite for the very first time! Warren Ellis plans to take control of the Project Superpowers universe in late 2014, as Dynamite Entertainment continues to celebrate its 10th Anniversary.”

Project Superpowers was an ambitious launch from Dynamite several years ago. They attempted to revitalize many of the Golden Age characters which had fallen into the public domain (characters such as the Green Lama, Black Terror, and the original Daredevil).  The project was published in three parts, a mini-series re-introducing the character, a series of mini-series featuring the most popular characters in solo adventures.  The final piece was a second mini-series bringing the heroes back together again.  For the most part it was a solid set of books,  but it has languished over the past few years.

And that is why I am so excited about the arrival of Warren Ellis.  Ellis as the ability to take stale ideas and make them fresh and interesting.  Planetary explored pulp heroes and classic science fiction without getting bogged down and bored.  Nextwave took D-list Marvel characters and made them fun.  Stormwatch.  Marvel’s New Universe. Time and time again Ellis has proven that he can take established characters and concepts and turn them on their heads.

So I am looking forward to seeing what Ellis does with these characters.  With a connected universe and the origin stories out of the way, could this be his own Astro City?  Looks like we will find out later this year!

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