Stumptown Trade Review was an idea hatched on the Rugby pitch. Just before Brian got blindsided by a 400 pound Prop named “Tiny”, Thor said, “You like comics too?”. From there, we spent our road trips talking comics and creators. We discovered a common love of 80′s Marvel, and our excitement about the new work being published by independent creators and companies.

So now, with our rugby careers behind us (and our knees still intact), we discuss comics and go in search of interviews with creators.

We live in Portland, Oregon (aka Stumptown). Portland is home to Oni, Dark Horse, Top Shelf, and a host of other independent comic companies. With more creators than you can shake an empty pint glass at, Portland is fertile ground for comics creators and fans alike.

Thor and Brian are joined by the following contributors:

Keri Grassl is the creator of the redesigned STR site, as well as the STR logo and the artist on Paris in the 20th Century.  She is an artist and designer who spends her free time (what little there is) riding a GSXR, creating art, and contemplating tentacles.

DJ is a twelve year old girl who haunts the STR World Headquarters. She loves manga, anime, and is currently obsessed with Homestuck. From time to time she earns her keep by reviewing YA titles for us. You can find her reviews indexed under In The DJ Booth

If you have a comic you would like to submit for review, you can submit the following ways:

PDF copies can be sent to: stumptowntrade@gmail.com

Hard copies can be sent to:
Stumptown Trade Review
5427 N. Montana Ave
Portland, OR 97217

4 Responses to About/Submissions

  1. I really need to bookmark your site. Great reviews, notes of interest and interviews… OK. Now you’re bookmarked. Keep up the good work. We need more places like this.

  2. Harriet says:

    Hey guys! I agree with that guy ^, this site is great. But I’d love to listen to the podcast more and can only find one episode on iTunes. Is that all there is, or is my account messing itself up again…?

    • Hi Harriet,
      We are still trying to troubleshoot the problem. There are over 50 podcasts available. If you click on the podcast tag on our site, you should be able to access them.
      Sorry about the difficulties and the roundabout way to access them. Please be assured we are working as hard as we can to resolve the problem!


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