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Guild Trailer!

Dark Horse has produced a trailer for the collection of Guild comics from Felicia Day…complete with Date My Avatar soundtrack.

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Jamie Rich and Dark Horse Hits With Homeless

Laura Moulton is a “street librarian” here in Stumptown.  Several times a week she takes her bicycle-powered mobile library to various locations and lends books to people who, in her words, “live outside”. Her 40-odd book library is pretty diverse.  … Continue reading

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A Scary Halloween

Wonder if these are available for consumers to order. I would love to hand these out instead of candy! Dark Horse offers comics fans of all ages something special this Halloween that won’t rot your teeth! Sized perfectly for just … Continue reading

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Joelle Jones is in Trouble(Maker)

Out today from Dark Horse, Troublemaker vol. 1 in softcover. Barney and Hooker are together again and fighting crime, leaving a trail of chaos, panic, and disorder in their wake. Some would say they were drawn towards trouble like a … Continue reading

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Dark Horse Gets Sneaky (on Tuesdays)

Dark Horse Comics has hidden a promotional code on a comic book profile page within the Dark Horse Digital store. This code will be available for anyone who finds it and can be used during the checkout process to get … Continue reading

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Buffy 36 for free!

The final collection of Buffy Season 8 is coming tomorrow! Want to get a head start? Read the entire issue 36 for free right here!

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Feel the Power of Dr. McNinja

  The long-running web-comic, Dr. McNinja is getting collected by Dark Horse comics.  Due out today (yes, snuck up on you like a ninja, didn’t it!?!), the 232 page TPB collects “Monster Mart,” “Death Volley,” and “Doc Gets Rad”,  as … Continue reading

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