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Indie Comic Review: How I Came To Work At The Wendy’s

  How I Came to Work at the Wendy’s lures you in with a cute opening scene where a man attempts to find employment as a walrus at the local zoo.  Brilliant!  How had I not thought of that!  I … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Attic

  Attic by Whit Taylor $3 Whimsical Nobody Comics Attic is a mini-comic “collection of some of the slice-of-life comics” that Whit Taylor posted on her blog.  I think that is about as accurate a description as anyone could conceive … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Is it Bacon?

Is it Bacon? By Matt Wiegle Price :$1 (can you dig it???) This 16 page self-published mini-comic may be the most perfect thing I have read since Girls Don’t Poop. From the tone, to the pacing, to the audacity of … Continue reading

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