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Indie Comic Review: Neil Brideau

One of my favorite reasons to go to Stumptown Comics Fest is that I get to meet the creators of some of my favorite books and on-line comics. One of those creators who makes the long trek out to the … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: Alpha City Comics #2

One of the real pleasures of Stumptown Comics Fest was catching up with creators.  Some are local and we run in to them fairly regularly, while others fly in from across the country, making Stumptown our only chance to meet … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: What Is This?

Neil Brideau is back with a new mini-comic!What Is This? tells the story of a boy and the alien that crashes in to his bedroom one night.What could be better??? Hasn’t every child hoped and imagined that a friendly alien … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: The Neil Brideau Experience

Neil Brideau was on my “must see” list for Stumptown. I had stumbled across his mini-comic, The Trugglemat, and had enjoyed it thoroughly. So, when I saw that he was coming to Stumptown, I knew I had to stop by … Continue reading

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Indie Comic review: The Trugglemat

Imagine a twisted and creepy Shel Siverstein poem. Got it in your head? That is the kind of manic magic that flows from The Trugglemat, a mini-comic by Neil Brideau. The Trugglemat is, essentially, the boogey-man who comes and steals … Continue reading

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