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Indie Comic Review: Alpha City Comics #2

One of the real pleasures of Stumptown Comics Fest was catching up with creators.  Some are local and we run in to them fairly regularly, while others fly in from across the country, making Stumptown our only chance to meet … Continue reading

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More Stumptown Comics Fest Interviews

Did you think that those were the only interviews we conducted at Stumptown?  Think again!!!! Kenan Rubenstein (Foldy Comics!!!!) 0:00 – 4:25 Stephanie Godfrey (Panorama) 4:28 – 8:09 Ed Choy Moorman (Chris Ware Biography, Jim Hensen Biography) 8:10 – 14:04 … Continue reading

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Interview with Steve Lieber @ Stumptown Comics Fest ’10

  We caught up with Steve Lieber to talk all things Underground at Stumptown Comics Fest ’10!

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Interview with Joelle Jones and Nico Hitore de @ Stumptown Comics Fest ’10

  We catch up with Joelle Jones and Nicolas Hitore de to talk about the new Oni graphic novel, Spell Checkers.

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Interview with Graham Annable @ Stumptown Comics Fest ’10 We caught up with Graham Annable at Stumptown Comics Fest to talk all things Grickle!

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Indie Comic Review: Flaccid Badger

  Flaccid Badger is about as pure of a concept as you can get.  There is a badger.  He is limp.  that’s the entire concept.  And, I must say, it is brilliant! I picked up the two Flaccid Badger mini-comics … Continue reading

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