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Indie Comic Review: Neil Brideau

One of my favorite reasons to go to Stumptown Comics Fest is that I get to meet the creators of some of my favorite books and on-line comics. One of those creators who makes the long trek out to the … Continue reading

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Indie Comic Review: What Is This?

Neil Brideau is back with a new mini-comic!What Is This? tells the story of a boy and the alien that crashes in to his bedroom one night.What could be better??? Hasn’t every child hoped and imagined that a friendly alien … Continue reading

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Indie Comic review: The Trugglemat

Imagine a twisted and creepy Shel Siverstein poem. Got it in your head? That is the kind of manic magic that flows from The Trugglemat, a mini-comic by Neil Brideau. The Trugglemat is, essentially, the boogey-man who comes and steals … Continue reading

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